RPC activity 02

Your family values

This activity will help you to identify the values that guide you as an individual and a family.

Values are very important in parenting since they deeply influence all behaviours and attitudes and affect our decisions and relationships.

For a value to be truly your own, you must act on it and your behaviour must reflect it – not just verbally accept it or think that you should follow it.

In this activity you will identify your core family values.

How to use this tool

1. Identify four to six core values that drive you as an individual.

2. Consider how much these are currently replicated in your family.

3. Share your responses with your partner – and ask them to share their responses with you.

4. Look at the areas where you agree and the areas where you disagree.

5. Use this knowledge to consider what actions you need to take – both individually and jointly.

Download the activity

We have made this activity available to download as a PDF.

[PDF, 4 pages]

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