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A guide to living in healthy relationships

In Bromley we want all our children to grow up, thrive and have the best life chances in families who flourish and are happy to call Bromley home.

This is our ambition and what we strive to achieve every single day.

For our children to thrive and live healthy, safe and secure lives, they need to experience family relationships that are healthy and stable. All relationships have tricky moments – it’s how they are experienced and resolved that matters. Many research studies have proven that positive relationships have a significant impact on the children in those families.

And the opposite is true – parental conflict has a significant and direct negative impact on the children in those families.

The Bromley Parenting Hub pulls together information for all parents in the borough, whether together, separated or considering separation, who want to find ways to improve their relationship and get on better.

Stop. Think. Change.

This guide is designed around our three-step healthy relationships model:

Stop. Think. Change. descriptor of interlocking circles
Stop icon image
Take a moment to stop and think about how healthy your relationship is.

To help you do this, we have a set of three short quizzes. We would recommend that all parents should start with the same quiz – the child’s viewpoint.

Quiz 1

The child’s viewpoint

Ask your child to complete the child’s viewpoint quiz.

Quiz 2

Parents together

Parents who are together or are considering separating.

Quiz 3

Separated parents

Parents who have already separated.

Think icon image

Use the results from the quiz to think about your strengths and what needs to change.

Understanding the health of your current relationship is essential to understanding what you can do to move forward.

Use our self-help guides

We have developed a set of 10 Relationship Thought Prompts to help you think about the simple actions that you can take to continue to make your relationship healthy.

Complete our activities

We have a library of activities for specific elements that the quiz may identify. These can help you think through any issues that you have identified and identify the solutions.

Change icon image

As you have journeyed through this guide, you will have learnt lots about yourself, your partner or ex-partner, your family and, most importantly, your child’s thoughts.

Find out about the help and support that we have on offer in the borough.

Reducing Parental Conflict parent workshops and courses

We offer a range of free workshops and courses for parents who are together, separated or divorced.

Parenting courses

We offer a range of free online and face-to-face parenting courses and online seminars.

Directory of services

We have created a directory of services to help you find the advice you need for yourself.

Get in touch

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Early help: Our vision for 2030

A strategy for children (aged from birth to 18) and their families

The targets we have set out describing what our early help offer will look in 2030 will challenge us; however, by working together with our partners, our families and our children, we are confident that they can all be achieved.

During the lifetime of this strategy, we will be working to achieve four interlocking ambitions. Each ambition is focused on one of the four quadrants that make up our early help model – our children, our families, our practitioners and our resources

Download our full guide

You can download the full guide with all the quizzes, tools and activities.

[PDF, 122 pages]
Updated: April 2023

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