A service guide for organisations and professionals in Bromley providing support to victims and survivors, and perpetrators of Domestic Abuse


If you or someone else in in immediate danger always

call 999

Silent calls to the police will work if you are not safe to speak –
use the Silent Solution system and call 999 and then press 55 when prompted.

To report a non-urgent crime

call 101

Clare’s Law

Request domestic abuse information from police regarding your partner

This scheme gives any member of the public the right to ask the police if their partner may pose a risk to them. It enables victims, or potential victims, of domestic abuse to find out about their partner’s criminal history if they have reason to believe that they are at risk of suffering domestic abuse.

This scheme also allows a member of the public to make an enquiry into the partner of a close friend or family member.

Local services

Bromley and Croydon Women’s Aid (BCWA)

Domestic Abuse Support Service for all Bromley residents

BCWA aims to empower anyone suffering domestic abuse so they can make informed choices about their future. Our services are confidential, non-judgmental, and respectful of diversity.


Independent Domestic Sexual and Violence Advisers for all victim survivors. Specialist young people’s worker.

One Stop Shop

Every Thursday between 1:30pm and 4pm on main telephone line including IDSVA, housing and legal support.

This free and confidential service is for anyone who has experienced or is currently experiencing domestic abuse, who feels that they could benefit from any help or advice

Keys to Freedom Support Group

The groups help women who have experienced domestic abuse to understand what happened to them, how it happened, and to then move forward confidently into their futures.

020 8313 9303

Sanctuary Scheme

Bromley residents that are experiencing violence or abuse qualify to be considered for a referral into the Sanctuary Scheme.

Safe Partnership’s aim is to make the homes of victims and survivors of violence and abuse safe and secure so that they and their families can remain in their own homes.

How to make a referral:



Read the referral guidance



Download the referral form


Email the completed form to the service

Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) 

A multi-agency meeting to discuss the most high-risk cases of domestic abuse and sexual violence, to share information and to safety plan to safeguard a victim.

Learn more:

How to make a referral:


Learn more about the MARAC process



Download the referral form


Email the completed form to the service

DAPP Drive – Perpetrator Support

Support for behaviour change in high-risk perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Drive works with high-harm, high-risk and serial perpetrators of domestic abuse to prevent their abusive behaviour and protect victims. Drive challenges and supports perpetrators to change and works with partner agencies – like the police and social services – to disrupt abuse.

Make a referral

Referrals to Drive are through the MARAC process.

Children Overcoming Domestic Abuse (CODA)

The CODA children’s group, provided by Bromley Children Project, is an evidenced based program, for children aged 4-16 who have witnessed abuse against their mother. The groups are to help the children heal after witnessing violence in the home.

The mother’s group runs alongside the children’s group which allows mothers to understand what the children have been learning and discussing.

020 8461 7259

Fathers to Fathers Programme

Delivered by Home Start Bromley

Support for behaviour change in perpetrators of domestic abuse

Fathers to Fathers is an intervention delivered by Home Start Bromley, the programme is a support package of the 17 week Caring for Dad’s programme and 6 months of father-to-father mentoring for fathers who have either displayed domestic abusive behaviour towards their partner or have used physical chastisement on their children.

The programme supports fathers in understanding how they can improve their interactions with their families and provide nurturing and child centred parenting practices to their children.


Read the programme leaflet


Read the referral guidance



Download the referral form


Email the completed form

020 3665 9860

Victim Support Bromley

Support for victims of crime

Victim Support help anyone affected by crime. Not only those who experience it directly, but also their friends, family and any other people involved. They support victims to feel safer and more secure, understand their rights and find ways to cope.

Young People

Victim Support also supports children and young people who have been affected by crime. They can also support parents and professionals who work with children and young people.

IVA and IDVA’s

IVA (Independent Victim Advocates) and IDVA;s (Independent Domestic Abuse Advocate) including specialist teams such as Ashraya (housing project for male victims and the BAME Team.

iMatter programme

For women aged 16 and over who have been or are current victims of domestic abuse (not high risk)

Safer Space+

Support service for children and young people affected by domestic abuse 5-18. One to one and workshops available.

020 7277 1433

Women and Girls Network Helpline

Helpline for women experiencing domestic abuse

The WGN Helpline offers free and confidential emotional support for anyone who self identifies as a woman (aged 14+) and has been affected by any form of sexual violence.

0808 801 0770

National services

National Domestic Abuse Helpline

Support line for victims of domestic abuse including Refuge support – open all day, every day

NDAH offers advice and support to victims of domestic abuse including legal guidance, help with housing and finance and support in protecting victims and their children. The phone line is 24/7, 365 days a year.

0808 2000 247

National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV)

Free legal advice, support and protection orders for victims of domestic abuse

The National Centre for Domestic Violence helps survivors of domestic violence and abuse obtain protection against an abuser, as well as offering services to the police, probation service, domestic abuse agency workers, the legal profession and judiciary.

NCDV specialise in providing free, fast and effective support to survivors of domestic violence and abuse, usually by helping individuals obtain injunctions from their local county court. This free service is provided to everybody, regardless of their financial circumstances, sexual orientation, race, gender, age, political, religious belief or otherwise.

0800 970 2070

Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA)

Supporting victims of economic abuse

SEA provides victims of domestic abuse advice and support around economic abuse, including a support line, survivors forum, tools and economic abuse guides.

0808 1968845

Rights of Women

Free legal advice and support for women and girls

Rights of Women provide women lawyers offering free specialist legal advice to women survivors on their advice lines including family, criminal and immigration law. They provide interpreter support on request.

020 7608 1137

FLOWS – Finding Legal Options for Women Survivors

A legal support service, designed to help protect women against domestic abuse

FLOWS is a team of experts from the Family Team of the Royal Courts of Justice RCJ Advice, working in partnership with Rights of Women.

Their network of trusted and fully vetted advisers includes experienced solicitors and law clinics, Citizen Advice services, front-line professionals in women’s refuges, women’s aid organisations, and organisations that provide safe environments for domestic abuse survivors.

020 3745 7707

Respect Men’s advice line

Range of services for men affected by domestic abuse

There are a range of services available for men who have been affected by domestic abuse that provide emotional and practical help, understand rights and options and safely leave an abusive relationship.

The Information Hub has been created to help men find contacts to their local domestic abuse service, access refuges for male victims and links to various organisations offering specialised support for other areas of need.

0808 802 4040

Respect Perpetrator Support

Support for behaviour change in perpetrators of domestic abuse

Respect have been leading work with perpetrators of domestic abuse for over 20 years, aiming to keep survivors safe and hold perpetrators accountable – whilst offering them meaningful opportunities to change.

Their interventions support perpetrators in the early stages of abuse, and those using high harm behaviours. Respect recognise that a range of interventions are needed to meet the needs of perpetrators.

0808 802 4040


Support for minority women and girls, including free counselling

IKWRO supports Black minority, Middle Eastern and Afghan women and girls who are living in the UK. IKWRO advisors speak Farsi, Kurdish, Arabic, Dari, Pashto, Turkish, and English.

IKWRO give advice on issues including “honour” based abuse, forced marriage, child marriage, female genital mutilation, domestic abuse, separation and divorce, child residence and contact, housing and benefits.
IKWRO offers free counselling to black minorities women and girls.

020 7920 6460

For out-of-hours emergencies call:

07846 275246
(Kurdish / Arabic / English)

07846 310157
(Farsi / Dari / English)

Southall Black Sisters

NRPF/Immigration, Family Law and Housing advice

Southall Black Sisters also run a project that provides temporary financial support to those with no recourse to public funds and will be able to provide advice on accessing what other limited support is available for abused women with insecure immigration status.

020 8571 0800

Galop – LGBTQ+ Domestic Abuse Support

Domestic abuse support for the LGBTQ+ community

Galop helplines are open to anyone LGBTQ+ in the UK, as well as friends, family members, and professionals who may be concerned about an LGBTQ+ person who is facing abuse. Galop supports adult and young LGBTQ+ people who are victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence, hate crime, so-called conversion therapies, honour-based abuse, forced marriage, and other forms of abuse.

0800 999 5428

Stonewall Housing

A national charity supporting LGBTQ+ people of all ages who are experiencing homelessness or living in unsafe environments

Stonewall also provides support to LGBTQ+ survivors of Domestic Abuse who have fled abuse and are currently in intermediate safe accommodation and are facing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness through their Domestic Abuse Housing Resettlement Service for LGBTQ+ Survivors.

0800 6404 404


A charity dedicated to calling time on the harm, abuse and exploitation of older people

Confidential services provide information and support to an older person or anyone concerned about an older person who is at risk of, experiencing or recovering from any form of abuse or neglect.

0808 808 8141

Text the helpline:
07860 052 906

Parental Education Growth Support (PEGS)

Supports parents and professionals with child to parent abuse (including adult offspring)

A social enterprise set up to support parents, carers and guardians who are experiencing Child to Parent Abuse (including those with adult offspring).

Suzy Lampard and National Stalking helpline

Operated by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, the National Stalking Helpline gives practical information, support, and advice on risk, safety planning and legislation to victims of stalking, their friends, family and professionals working with victims.

0808 802 0300

Sign Health

Domestic abuse support for the Deaf community

  • Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA)
  • Deaf YPVA (Young People’s Violence Advisor)
  • Working with women’s refuges to provide support to Deaf women
  • Referral when necessary to SignHealth’s one-to-one psychological therapy in British Sign Language
  • Survivor Workshops for Deaf women

Guidance on laws, policy and practice to ensure the needs of Deaf people at risk of domestic abuse are recognised and fully met.

07800 003421

Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (RASASC)

RASASC provides support to women and girls who have experienced sexual abuse

The national Rape Crisis helpline (24/7) for women and girls, across England and Wales aged 13 years and over.

Counselling 1-1, Group and Play Therapy for women and girls aged 4 years and over.

Advocacy for women and girls aged 12 years and over who have or who are thinking about reporting to the police.

Outreach support for women who face additional marginalisation and barriers to accessing support.

Training for practitioners and organisations working across multi-agency settings and prevention with children and young people in education and youth settings.

0808 500 2222

Revenge Porn Helpline

Supports adults (aged 18+) who are experiencing intimate image abuse, also known as, revenge porn

The Helpline was established in 2015 alongside the legislation which made it an offence to share intimate images or videos of someone, either on or offline, without their consent with the intention of causing distress.

Outreach support for women who face additional marginalisation and barriers to accessing support.

Training for practitioners and organisations working across multi-agency settings and prevention with children and young people in education and youth settings.

0345 6000 459

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