RPC activity 05

Weighing the baggage

This activity will help you to think through your past experiences and the impact this is having on you now.

What you do and how you do it is influenced significantly by your past, your childhood and your experiences as an adult. This ‘baggage’ has helped you become the person you are today. Some of it makes you more resilient and others will make you more vulnerable.

Based on the Vulnerability Stress Adaptation Model developed by Benjamin Karney and Thomas Bradbury (2012).

How to use this tool

1. Read through the three parts of the model and consider what is included in your baggage.

2. Consider the events that have happened and how you communicate individually and as a partnership.

3. Share your responses with your partner – and ask them to share their responses with you.

4. Look at the areas where you agree and the areas where you disagree.

5. Use this knowledge to consider what actions you need to take – both individually and jointly.

Download the activity

We have made this activity available to download as a PDF.

[PDF, 4 pages]

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