RPC activity 09

Moving forward

This activity will help you to bring together what you have learnt so far and consider how you move forward.

This stage can be quite difficult. It is focused on identifying what actions you need to take individually and together to move forward. Going through this guide may have brought you closer together as a couple. It may have also led to difficult conversations and a realisation that your relationship may not continue. By agreeing the actions together, you can identify what you each need to do to move forward in your lives.

How to use this tool

1. Respond to the questions individually.

2. Share your responses with your partner – and ask them to share their responses with you.

3. Look at the areas where you agree and the areas where you disagree.

4. Use this knowledge to consider what actions you need to take – both individually and jointly.

Download the activity

We have made this activity available to download as a PDF.

[PDF, 4 pages]

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