Relationship Thought Prompt #02

The relationship journey

Over time all relationships change. They journey through a number of relationship phases.


The honeymoon




You will change phases throughout your life. As you experience challenge and positive moments together, you move through the different phases. What’s more, you won’t always be in the same phase as your partner. But open, honest and trusting discussions will help you manage these differences.

Start here…

1. The spark

The start of the relationship, where both you and your partner realise that you like and are attracted to each other.

You want to spend all your time together. You have fun together and start to learn about each other.

2. The honeymoon

A blissful time where you and your partner are happy and comfortable with each other. It’s exciting to be together.

3. The intimacy

Spending more time together you become increasingly more connected and committed to each other.

4. The learning

You understand each other more, both  individually and collectively. You better understand your roles in the relationship and the compromises you need to make as individuals and as partners.

5. The growth

When you love each other completely and you move forward together as a single unit. You love each other, respect each other and trust each other.

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